Box Call Instructions


To cluck on a box call, pop the paddle off the call’s lip with short upward strokes.


To yelp, lightly scrape and stroke the paddle across the lip.


To mimic cutting, make fast clucks with sharply repeated pops along the lip.


To imitate a fly-down cackle, make a few soft clucks, then excitedly stroke the paddle against the call’s lip repeatedly before finishing with varying yelps and clucks.


To purr, slowly drag the paddle across the lip.


To gobble, wrap a rubber band around the paddle and rest of the box call — the way you might to keep it from making a sound as you walk. Grip the box call without touching the lid. While holding the handle end up, shake it.


To kee-kee or kee-kee-run, find the paddle’s sweet spot — often one-quarter to one-third of the lid length down from the hinge screw. Make three whistle-like notes against the lip using a fast yelping motion. Add a yelp or two on the end to make the “run” notes. Long boxes often work best for kee-keeing.



Tune your box call with chalk, rubbing it along the paddle’s bottom. Avoid oil-based options. Carpenter’s chalk works best. Be sure to keep it dry in your vest as well — a plastic bag will do. Waterproof box calls are also available.